Mergers & Acquisitions

  • We perform legal due diligence in order to establish the key issues, potential problems and risks ensuing from the corporate status and the business activity of the company subject to acquisition;
  • We advise on the acquisition structure and steps; examine the legal risks for the client from the deal and propose solutions for their avoidance or mitigation of their effect; 
  • We develop effective schemes for restructuring of companies (by merger, merger by acquisition, separation, spin-off and change of legal form) in close cooperation with tax and accounting experts and prepare all necessary documents for their realization; 
  • We participate in deal negotiations, follow the timely execution of each step of the structure of the deal and handle communication between the parties; 
  • We prepare share purchase agreements, agreements for sale of going concern, business lines or separate assets, escrow agreements;
  • We prepare private equity and venture capital agreements, business cooperation agreements and shareholders agreements.