Competition Law

  • We provide consultations on the compliance of planned business decisions and behavior of the participants on the market with competition protection legislation (cartels, forbidden agreements and concerted practices, abuse of dominant position, merger control and unfair competition);
  • We provide grounded preliminary assessment of:
    - Draft contracts on horizontal cooperation and vertical relations;
    - Actions of the client on the market for implementing his business strategy;
    - Planned transactions for consolidation and transfer of companies;
    - Establishment of joint ventures and market expansion;
    - Marketing and promotional campaigns.
  • We prepare notifications for planned concentration, provide assistance upon submission of the necessary information and documents for release of the transaction under the Competition Protection Act or permission of the concentration, as well as in proceedings before the Commission for Protection of Competition;
  • We provide representation before the Commission for Protection of Competition as well as in the subsequent judicial control of the Commission's acts, with the purpose of protecting the client’s rights and legitimate interests.