Last updated as at: 30 September 2019

Dimitrova & Partners Law Firm, UIC 175011314 (hereinafter referred to as DPLF) administers this Website and contents published thereon.

With his/her initial access to the Website the user agrees and accepts that each visit of the Website and each use of the materials, documents and information (hereinafter referred to as Materials) published on the Website shall be made in compliance with the terms and conditions herein below.

1.       Nature and Purpose of the Published Information

The Materials published on this Website are not meant to provide legal or other type of professional advice or consultation. The Materials are aimed at emphasizing on issues, which are of importance for more than one user, as well as to give a general idea on the issue at hand. Therefore, the Materials are of a general nature, are not based on specific facts and circumstances and are provided by DPLF free of charge. In view of that, the user must not rely on the Materials as on a legal or other type of professional advice and/or consultation based on the specific situation of the user, nor shall the Materials be used by the user as substitute of the consultation with an attorney-at-law or other qualified professional advisor in the respective field. In case the user needs a specific legal professional counsel or assistance, he/she can address DPLF with a specific inquiry and DPLF will provide him/her with the requested professional assistance in compliance with the arisen specific circumstances and the legislation applicable thereto.

The Materials published on the Website do not constitute and shall not be considered as an offer or proposal for conclusion of a contract with the user and the use of the information by the user shall not constitute the occurrence of a trust relation lawyer - client or another contractual relation.

The Materials published on the Website are drafted at a particular moment in time and are consistent with legislation effective at that moment. DPLF does not undertake any commitment for continuous current update of the Materials already published on the Website in compliance with subsequent legislative changes.

The user shall use the Materials published on the Website and shall take decisions for the performance and/or non-performance of particular actions on their basis entirely at his/her own risk. DPLF, its partners, attorneys-at-law, associates and employees assume no liability for whatever direct or indirect damagesand/or lost profits, incurred by the user as a result of the usage in any way whatsoever of the Materials published on the Website, including as a result of decision-making and/or performance and/or non-performance of certain actions based thereon. DPLF does not recommend to the user to undertake or refrain from undertaking actions without first having sought professional legal counsel and without having discussed the specific peculiarities of his/her case with an attorney-at-law or qualified professional advisor in the respective field.

2.       Generated Links to other Websites

DPLF does not provide any guarantees for the existence and the contents of other websites to which links are generated, as well as for the completeness, timeliness, accuracy and usefulness of the information published on them. DPLF assumes no liability in any way for damages and lost profits incurred by the users as a result of the lack or use of the information from the websites to which it is referred to, insofar as they are owned and maintained by third parties, and DPLF shall not be able to exercise control in this regard.

Due to the nature of this Website as a separate location on the Internet, no guarantees can be provided regarding the absence of viruses.

3.       Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights on the elements included in the contents of the Website (including codes, programs, schemes, graphics, forms, images, text, sound and other objects of intellectual property) are owned by DPLF and/or its counter-parties who have provided DPLF with the rights to the use of those elements.

The user may view, copy and print the text materials from Publications section on the Website provided that:
·         The Materials will be used by the user for informational purposes, for personal and non-commercial use;
·         The user secures that all notices of registered trademarks, logos, etc. displayed on the original Material are retained on each copy of the Material;
·         The user retains the indication of DPLF as author of the Material.

The user agrees and accepts not to create links to the Website through which the following is performed:
·         Unlawful (including misleading and deceiving) use of the company name, logo and other objects of intellectual property rights of DPLF accessible through the Website;
·         Misleading regarding the URL address of this Website and/or bypassing of the homepage or of the pages containing the Terms of Use of the Website, the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy, including creation of direct links to information published on the internal pages;
·         Using of frameworks, which give third parties the wrong notion that elements and/or Materials from the Website are part of the site of the user.

DPLF reserves the right to request from each user who has created links of the type above to immediately remove those links.

As the contents of the Website is object of copyrights and intellectual property rights, the unauthorized use of materials, images, graphic layout and other elements of the contents of the Website may violate copyrights, rights in registered trademarks or other intellectual property rights owned by DPLF and/or its counter-parties who have provided DPLF the rights to use the respective elements.

Each user is obligated to compensate DPLF for all damages suffered and profits lost in result of unlawful reference to and/or use, reproduction, publication, modification, interpretation, translation, etc. of whichever elements of the contents of the Website.

4.       Amendments to the Terms of Use

The present Terms of Use may be periodically amended and updated. A notification for such change will be made by means of specification of the date of the last update. We encourage the users to regularly review the current Terms of Use on our Website.