Real Estate & Construction

  • We study the status of real estates – property rights, limited rights in rem; encumbrances; spatial development status; check of the lawfulness of performed construction, etc.;
  • We offer scenarios for structuring of real estate transactions and participate in the negotiations on their realization;
  • We prepare preliminary agreements and draft notary deeds for sale and purchase of real estates or for establishment of limited rights in rem;
  • We prepare escrow agreements, agreements for management and maintenance of real estates; general rules for the internal order in closed housing estates, etc.;
  • We prepare agreements arranging the relations between participants in the construction process – assignor, designer, builder, construction supervision; 
  • We assist in registration of builders, local and foreign entities, in the Central Professional Builder’s Register; 
  • We carry out court representation on disputes related to construction process and disputes on property rights.