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Who We Are

Dimitrova & Partners Law Firm is а progressively developing legal practice having its office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We offer legal consultations and services on all matters related to the business activity of our Bulgarian and foreign clients by applying the international good practices and criteria for quality of consulting work. Our clients appreciate our fast response, our individual approach and our ability to consider not only the legal, but also the tax and accounting aspects for offering viable, effective and business-oriented solutions.

We believe that the relations between a lawyer and his client are special and based on understanding, mutual trust, ethics and professionalism. We apply these principles in our legal practice ever since 1998 when the present partners in Dimitrova & Partners Law Firm began their work together as a legal team. Dimitrova & Partners Law Firm was established in the beginning of 2006 as a natural result of the experience gained and the strive for constant development.

We are happy to see that our approach, the quality of our services and our dedication are valued by our clients who stay with us through the years. They appreciate the added value of being consulted by professionals who know their history, their business now and may contribute with creativity and innovation to their success now and in the future.